Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Matoska International IB World School

I was blessed to visit family in Minnesota recently, and my sister teaches at a wonderful elementary school, Matoska International IB World School. I jumped at the invitation to teach lessons in several classes, across multiple grade levels. 

I entered each class, without knowing the teacher or the students. First things first,  I taught the students, "Class, Yes". Once that was established, I was able to teach model lessons, WBT style. The students were engaged, and we had a blast!  Teachers commented on how their students immediately responded to me, and were focused on the learning. I even got thank you letters with "Spicy" sentences from a first grade class! (They had been working on adjectives, so it was the perfect opportunity to teach them how to write a spicy sentence.)

In my sister's fourth grade class, the scoreboard was introduced. By the end of the second day, they were really getting the idea of working together as a class for those positive points. They even asked if they could earn points for their hallway behavior! Imagine that! 

Whole Brain Teaching is effective, regardless of the type of school, economic level, or location.

What do we call it when students are having fun while learning, the week leading up to vacation? 
Teacher Heaven!

Spreading the Joy!


  1. Deb,
    love your blog and love your insights psted on WBT. I tried contacting you via the address on WBT with no success. Could you post an e-mail address that i may contact you at? I have a couple of questions regarding becoming a WBT classroom.

    David Willson

  2. Thanks for sharing about WBT. It has changed my classroom and I love it! I just join your blog!


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