Monday, July 18, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Oh, how I LOVE our Whole Brain Teaching Conferences! It is so exciting when groups of dedicated teachers come together to learn, plan, and share, while having fun! One thing I kept hearing over and over was, "I have tried bits and pieces of WBT, but I am ready for more".  This statement reminds me of when I was a young girl, and my grandmother taught me how to make a quilt. All of the "bits and pieces" fit together to create a unique, beautiful quilt. In WBT, the pieces in my first grade classroom may fit together a little differently than in a high school classroom, but both are "beautiful quilts of learning", so to speak. What kind of WBT masterpiece are you creating with your students this year?
Deb Weigel
Co- Director, WBT Model Classrooms