Saturday, May 7, 2011

Testing and WBT

Spring testing can bring added stress to both students and teachers. I am often asked how WBT prepares students for success on standardized tests. In my classroom, students have been immersed in wholebrainteaching since the first day of school. I was anxious to see how my students would perform on their ACUITY, our standardized math assessment. I smiled as I observed them using "air blackboards" to solve problems. After completing the assessment, they were all smiles. I asked them how they thought they did on the test, and they replied, "Some parts were hard, but I remembered the steps".  (We have worked extremely hard on steps to solve different types of math problems.) So...I received the class results...and 100% of my students scored in Tier 4 (80-100%), the highest level! Woo Hoo! Next week is our end of year reading assessment, and I am confident that my students will apply their learning and will demonstrate phenomenal growth!
WBT incorporates repetition, rote memorization of facts, and critical thinking skills. This powerful combination equips students, and teachers, for success! This success is being measured on standardized assessments, and is proving strong!

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  1. WTG Deb! I also have been using WBT techniques this year since December and 97% of my students passed! The one student who didn't make it had an 18% gain over last year's result! I can't wait for August because I want to see what can happen when we implement WBT from the beginning! I've already been asked by my principal to show other teachers the WBT ways! I'm attending the National Conference in Louisiana next week too! Can't Wait!!!