Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New "Class-Yes"

"Class-Yes" can be heard across our campus each day. It is our Attention Getter in WBT, and it is extremely effective. This week, Chris Biffle challenged me to try some levels for "Class-Yes". Oh boy, we were ready! I explained to my first graders that we would start the day at "Class-Yes", and as they responded quickly and worked hard, I would address them as "Team" instead of Class. Now, if the level was extremely focused and responsive, I would address them as "Winners". The ultimate level would be "Champions". I wrote Class-yes, Team-yes, Winners-yes, Champions-yes, in a list near my scoreboard, and put a magnet next to "Class-yes" to indicate where we were starting. The anticipation was electric, and they worked hard to get to Team, but then slipped up on focus and moved back to Class. That only lasted a few minutes, as the student leaders were all over their peers, encouraging them to focus and participate! We advanced back up to Team, and right after lunch, moved up to Winners! They were so excited! Today, we began again at Class, and once again, my student leaders instructed those who had been absent how the class was going to focus and respond. We made it to Winners before lunch, and stayed there all day! Imagine how wonderful it is to be called a Winner over and over again throughout the day!
A simple variation on "Class-Yes", with focus, quick response, and smiles as a result! Who said kids are unfocused and unmotivated the last few weeks of school? Visit a WBT classroom, and you will see winners! (And quite possibly, even a few Champions!) Woo Hoo!


  1. My fifth graders were excited too. I dropped back to class-yes when we were not working so hard. but when we got back to team-yes they actually cheered. I haven't told them what comes after team they are begging me to know. :)

  2. Wow! This sounds like a great idea. I am just about out of cool ways to say class yes; however I don't want to change the student phrase. This sounds like a wonderful way to encourage the students to become champions. I will try this in the afternoon. Thanks!

  3. Thanks again for this idea. As a follow-up it worked great. I made it into a separate scoreboard; I made a thermometer with class,team, winners and heroes; then I used a magnet to slide up and down. The students instantly caught on! Thanks!