Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunny Saturday

I spent the morning online with some very dedicated teachers, viewing a live broadcast from Chris Biffle, the founder of Whole Brain Teaching. ( We laughed as we discussed how to get students to extend their sentences, using the "salute", the "because slapper", "adder" and the "conclusion".  Such fun! If you are a teacher, you really out to check out these Saturday morning broadcasts, direct from Biff's garage! It is almost as if you have the Professor himself in your family room!
Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to present Seminar 1 to teachers in the Dysart School District in Phoenix. What a great bunch! They actively participated, and shared ideas on how WBT is working in their classrooms. For some, WBT is brand new. Even so, they jumped in with both feet! I can hardly wait to hear how things are going back in their classrooms!

Time to get prepping for Easter dinner! The boys are all grown up, but are still begging for our traditional "empty tomb rolls"! Yum!


  1. Deb, Thank you so much for all that you do for Whole Brain Teaching. You are such a dedicated teaching, and a reliable friend to WBT. Thanks. I cant wait to read more.

  2. Well, here we are - from my "next door neighbor" and Champion family to fellow blogger! Thanks for bringing Whole Brain Teaching to DVA!

  3. We're doing the "empty tomb rolls" tomorrow, too! :) Looking forward to reading about your WBT experiences. :) I can't wait to use it more in my real class after student teaching. :)

  4. So excited to read more from you! Hope you can share about being an intern and the adjustments you have made to WBT for first grade

  5. I have really enjoyed your class videos! (Hey, for that matter, my students loved your videos too! They were in awe that other classes worked like ours!) I'm so excited to follow these new blogs.

    This is not on the WBT topic...but I'd love to know about empy tomb rolls. That sounds like a fun tradition! Do you have a recipe?

  6. I am sorry that I missed this weeks live broadcast! It is noon here in Pgh, PA and my kids are usually in full force with activities by then. I try to get in on them whenever possible. They are truly beneficial!

  7. Allisong,
    When my boys were little, we tried to find the balance between the
    celebrating Easter Bunny and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We made
    "Empty tomb rolls" every Saturday before Easter, and ate them for
    Easter breakfast before going to church.
    I am sure there is an official recipe, but I use bread dough, and
    divide it into chunks as if I was going to make rolls. I usually get
    12 rolls out of one loaf of dough. take a large marshmallow, and fold
    the dough around it, so none of the marshmallow is showing- this is
    the tomb. Roll each tomb in a mixture of cinnamon/sugar, and put into
    greased muffin pan. Let them rise, as you would bread dough. Bake at
    375 for 12-15 minutes, or until brown. Dump rolls out onto a wire rack
    or tinfoil to cool. They look just like a regular roll, but when you
    bite into it, you discover a sweet surprise! The "tomb" is empty!!! My
    kids would always say, "He is not here, he is risen!"
    My boys are now 23, 22, and 20, and when they were talking about
    coming over for Easter, all of them said, "Mom, you gotta make empty
    tomb rolls!"
    Thankfully, I have a bread machine, but I have friends who often use
    the frozen bread dough and the rolls are just as tasty!
    I am thankful that memories we have built together are now treasured
    family traditions!