Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunny Saturday

I spent the morning online with some very dedicated teachers, viewing a live broadcast from Chris Biffle, the founder of Whole Brain Teaching. ( We laughed as we discussed how to get students to extend their sentences, using the "salute", the "because slapper", "adder" and the "conclusion".  Such fun! If you are a teacher, you really out to check out these Saturday morning broadcasts, direct from Biff's garage! It is almost as if you have the Professor himself in your family room!
Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to present Seminar 1 to teachers in the Dysart School District in Phoenix. What a great bunch! They actively participated, and shared ideas on how WBT is working in their classrooms. For some, WBT is brand new. Even so, they jumped in with both feet! I can hardly wait to hear how things are going back in their classrooms!

Time to get prepping for Easter dinner! The boys are all grown up, but are still begging for our traditional "empty tomb rolls"! Yum!